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A team of scientists, nerds and idealists. Write us a message at


What do we do?

We develop concepts to meet economic, ecological and social challenges.


Why all this?

Findings from academia should make a lasting contribution to problem areas of the 21st century, especially in combination with creativity.


Thomas Wernbacher

Media psychologist, project manager

Constantin Kraus

Educator, Artist & Graphic Designer, GIF Mastermind

Simon Wimmer

Cultural and social anthropologist, storyteller & game designer, RPG maker enthusiast.

Smart Competer

A playful solution that rewards users for saving energy.


A gamified voucher system for carpooling.


Cross-industry loyalty system for local businesses.

Hygiene im Wandel der Zeit

A digital game that deals with the topic of hygiene and germs.

Nudge the world for good

We apply our knowledge of psychology, anthropology, and pedagogy in the form of playful and design-based concepts in hopes of making the world a better place Nudge by Nudge